Alexander Oon, Principal Horn

I BEGAN PLAYING... In 2004, when I was in Primary Six, under the tutelage of Mr. Hoang Van Hoc. There wasn't a band for me to join in primary school so I learnt the instrument for a year before joining a band in secondary school.

MY MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH WITH ORCHESTRA COLLECTIVE WAS... In May 2012, in preparation for the Singapore International Band Festival.

I GRADUATED... From the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Mr. Jamie Hersch with a Diploma in Music Performance in May 2012.

I AM CURRENTLY PLAYING ON... An unlacquered Yellow Brass Hans Hoyer 5801 with a Sanders Nickel Silver Bell. My mouthpiece is a JK exclusive 2DM.

IN MY SPARE TIME... I read a lot of full scores when I get the chance. Almost anything that I can get my hands on. Yes, it's geeky haha. I also like to just spend time on the piano.

MY INSPIRATIONS ARE... My parents. They have taught me the most valuable principles in life without even saying much.

MY FAVOURITE COLOUR(S)... Purple, Red and Blue. In that order.

I swim occasionally, and hit the gym when I can.

IF NOT MUSIC... I think I would be either working in retail outlets or in hotels. Not sure why, friends have said they could imagine it.

MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG MUSICIANS... Is to be completely who you are, because only then can your musical ideas flow without your conscience getting in the way. I am speaking from my experience. Another thing would be to set high yet realistic standards for yourself and never get complacent in the process of reaching there. Oh, and surround yourself with music. Don't let your peers tell you that you're too noisy if you're very vocal

*Published 4 July 2013.