Benny Lim Wei Cheah, Clarinet

MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH MUSIC… Was having lessons with my aunt. I was really fascinated with all the instruments she had in her home and whenever I had time, I would simply try out the various instruments. Upon observing me, my mum decided that I should try going for some music lessons with my aunt. However, although I was fascinated with music, my initial level of maturity did not allow me to focus much and I dropped out. The next time I actually took up music again was in secondary school.

BEING A MUSICIAN IN SINGAPORE... I feel that we are quite fortunate with the current access to resources and various opportunities we have. These include better instruments, a variety of music shops and a wide selection of bands to choose from. These would be considered a luxury in some countries. Some foreigners even have to travel down to Singapore to acquire specific equipment and for repairs. I count myself very lucky to be living here.

THE CLARINET IS… Not the instrument that I was initially interested in when I was in secondary school. However, as I got accustomed to the instrument, it began to grow on me and this was greatly aided by the good training progamme that my conductor set out for us. The travels we experienced and the interaction with other musicians also exposed me to different kinds of learning and performing environments, and this further strengthened my love and passion for the clarinet.

I ADMIRE… People who put in a great amount of effort and discipline to achieve their goals. 

THE MOST CHALLENGING THING… Is being able to commit to something and putting in my 100% in everything that I do, not just music.

THE MUSIC SCENE IN SINGAPORE… Has been up and coming, with more options and opportunities available now as compared to before.

IN MY SPARE TIME... There are quite a number of activities that I engage in. These include playing pool and LAN, prawning and hanging out with friends.

THE BEST THING IN LIFE IS… Making new friends and enjoying their company.

IF NOT MUSIC... I would most probably be in a sport such as rugby, which was a popular choice for many in my secondary school.

I WISH YOUNG MUSICIANS TODAY... Would have more fun and explore more things while they can because life is short. They could maybe join a band outside, form their own ensemble or even go for festivals. More importantly they should always strive to further develop their passion in music playing.

*Published 28 March 2014.