Don Kow, Trombone

I AM... Currently finishing up my second year of undergraduate studies at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music with a major in trombone performance.

MY FIRST CONTACT WITH MUSIC... Was when I was four or five. My parents signed me up for basic keyboard lessons at Yamaha. I remember being very thrilled to learn music but I was very lazy to practise so I didn't actually follow through with it. I only got back my interest in music after I started playing the trombone in my secondary school band.


YOUNG MUSICIANS TODAY... Are very fortunate. In this age of the Internet, we are very blessed with an abundant resource for learning. I personally think that we have to be wise and selective with this knowledge though.

SOME OF THE THINGS THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO ME… Are my family and my friends. These are the people who go through thick and thin with me and I am thankful to have many great people in my life.

THE MOST ENJOYABLE THING IN LIFE IS... Living said life. I think the gift of life is very precious and being able to live it should be considered a blessing.

MY ADMIRATION GOES TO... All my teachers. OK, not all, but most of them. Especially those who encouraged my passion in music and those who taught me valuable life lessons. Special thanks to my school band conductors and my trombone teachers!

A MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE... This is a difficult one as I have too many memorable performances that I hold dear. I guess since as this is for Orchestra Collective, I would like to point out my experience with OC's inaugural performance at SIBF almost two years ago. It was very memorable as everything was just so crazy! From the lack of rehearsals to the rush of adrenaline on stage to the nervous anticipation of the results… Definitely hardcore stuff!

WEEKENDS ARE... For rest and recuperation. Hahaha…. Just kidding. As a music student I find myself doing a bulk of my practice on the weekends. I actually have most of my trombone lessons on Sundays too!

I DRAW INSPIRATION FROM… Anything and everything really!

*Published 25 April 2014.