Elias Arun, Saxophone

MUSIC REALLY BEGAN FOR ME… Since I was a kid I guess, with my dad being a professional musician back then. I remember vaguely the songs that my dad would practise on his guitar for his shows and these songs would register with me till now. Probably explains why I prefer the oldies!

MY MAJOR MUSICAL BREAKTHROUGH WAS... Playing in the 2009 edition of the National Youth Winds. It was the first time that I actually played somewhere outside my school band, and playing in a band that consisted of great luminaries such as Ignatius Wang and Nicholas Kwok definitely helped a 17-years-old me a lot. 

I AM CURRENTLY... Pursuing a degree in Law at the National University of Singapore. 

MY CURRENT INSTRUMENT IS... A 30-years-old Selmer Mark VII tenor saxophone, masterfully restored by Jefferson Yap and on loan from the generous Vincent Tan. 

IN MY SPARE TIME... Law students have no spare time ): Haha okay I like to fiddle with the guitar and the piano. I also like to spend quality time with my… Xbox 360. 

MY INSPIRATIONS ARE... Probably all the musicians and friends that I’ve met in the scene so far, especially my SAF Band B bros, fellow saxophonists, and the teachers to whom I’m ever so grateful for. Special shout-out (in no specific order) to Samuel Cheah, Jason Tan, Jonathan Peng, Jefferson Yap, Idham Rahim, my own brother Danial Arun, Ignatius Wang, Ho Law Wei, Jeremy Chua, Chua Yi Hao, Ong Liang Jun, Russell Yoong, Amos Tan, Shawn Lau, Lim An Chun, Lim Chin Ping, and the teachers Mr. Tan Wei Boon, Mr. Alvin Seville, Dr. Zechariah Goh, Mr. Lien Boon Hua, and of course my dad Arun Ahmad for teaching, inspiring, and showing me the true essence of music-making. 

MY FAVOURITE FOOD... Is anything without vegetables. Yeah I'm that unhealthy. 

THE BEST THING IN LIFE IS… A night spent with good food, amazing music, and fantastic company. 

IF NOT MUSIC... Then I’ll probably go into sports and actually be fit, unlike the slob that I am now ):

MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG MUSICIANS... Is to not be afraid of following your passion. At the same time, consider thoroughly the various implications that your choice may have. You have to be prepared to slug it out once you make that leap of faith. In that aspect, there’s no difference between studying music and studying other fields; it all takes hard work and sacrifice to achieve your dreams. I'm speaking from experience. Also, always be humble. I think that’s the most important trait any musician should have. Lastly, support local music! Not just classical stuff, but other genres like local pop/indie/jazz and all! Doesn't make sense if you want to be a musician but not support your fellow local artistes. Ming Bridges anyone? :D

*Published 16 January 2014.